We are sadly having to cut back on our stock so will have most of our foals available for sale and also some older stock later in the year.  Please inquire if you are interested in any of our ponies - genuine inquiries only please.  This is a hard decision for us.


SOLD - Gue Quadrille - A lovely miniature chestnut colt who is back on the market through no fault of his own.  Quadrille has a superb temperament and is very keen to please. He regularly has his hooves trimmed and has been wormed frequently.  His sire is Gue Kell 32" and Dam is Gue Layla 32.75".  His grandsires are Brandon Fiery Jack and Zorro of Berry.  Shared transport to Aberdeen can be arranged. We plan to geld Quadrille this Spring.  Open to sensible offers.


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SOLD - Gue Niamh - Niamh is a strong, striking filly with a great temperament.  She is around 36".  She has been lightly backed and is very willing to please.  She is currently being a companion pony for a gelding.   In 2012 at the Lerwick Pony Sale Show she won her classs and went on to win Best Filly Foal from all the Shetland Shows. 


SOLD - Gue Icon - Icon is an eigNiamht year old gelding (Dam Gue Delight Sire Ewan of Houlland).  He has been run on as a stallion and has left some good stock and also, as a Junior, won a Silver award at the Shetland Pony Evaluation Scheme.  He has recently been gelded,  is easy to work with and this is a reluctant sale through no fault of his own.

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SOLD - Gue Rioja - a very stocky chestnut colt with definite stallion/show potential (Dam Gue Delight, Sire Kirkstall Achilles).  Another two of Delight's colts have passed their VVE to become stallions. We already have 2 chestnut stallions otherwise would definitely consider holding on to him.

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SOLD - Gue Royale - is a striking black colt from the winning combination of Gue Bella and Brandon Fiery Jack.  We believe this boy has great stallion potential or will also be good for showing for someone wanting a black miniature colt.  We would keep him but we are already top heavy in stallions.

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SOLD -Kirkstall Achilles -  Achilles is a fantastic 12 year old tri-coloured stallion who is reluctantly offered for sale.  A stallion who is in his prime, he was bought from the Tawna stud and has left some very good youngstock here who have won strong classes in the Shetland Shows.  I think his photos tell it all.  

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SOLD - Gue Quincy - 2015 foal currently for sale.

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SOLD - Gue Quoys - 2015 foal currently for sale. 

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SOLD Gue Piccolo - Piccolo is a smart miniature black gelding with a neat head. His Sire is Gue Icon (Gue Delight and Ewan of Houlland) who got a Silver award at the Shetland Pony Evaluation Scheme as a Junior Stallion. His Dam is Finnister Bethany (Bella of Finnister and Tafa of Berry) who has done well in the Showring. Picollo also should do well in the showring or would make an ideal companion pony. Picollo is slightly timid but friendly, has a great character and moves well.  He wasn't shown last year as he didn't lose his foal coat in time and, as you can see from the photo which was taken last month, he is holding on to his winter coat too.!  Please contact us for more information. 

SOLD - Gue Kyle - Kyle is a standard gelding and is just under 37" so would make an ideal pony for a smaller child.  He has a great temperament and has always been in the ribbons whenever shown. Last year he won his class at the Cunningsburgh Show.  Kyle has been lightly backed and has done some long reining.  He's great on lead rein and just needs some work going off lead rein which should not be a problem as he is very keen to please.  It will be a sad sale but he is wasted here and it would be good to see him being used.  Please contact us for more information.

SOLD - Gue Paolo - Paolo is a real character and a strong well made colt who did well last year when shown - placed second three times under different judges. Paolo's sire is Kirkstall Achilles (who has produced some lovely foals for us. His Dam is Glenbogie Fairytale (Glenbogie Golden Flame and Zorcho of Berry) who has done well in the Showring.


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SOLD - Gue Prosecco

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Some of our stallions will be offered for lease/sale this year. Please contact us if you are interested in any of them. 2015 Foals will be available after weaning and can be secured with a non-refundable deposit.

Sadly, some of our fillies/mares will also be available this year. Again, please contact us if you see any you are interested in and if you would like them to be put to a particular stallion before they are sold. Transport to the Scottish Mainland and further afield can be organised if necessary.